How Garden Chemicals Affect Our Environment

Visit National PolyIn the course of growing gardens, different types of chemicals are often used. Although these chemicals help in providing nutrients to the soil, they have negative impact on the environment. It is important to know how these chemicals really affect the environment.

This is the reason this article has become so important. Here is what you should know about how garden chemicals affect the environment.

For a start, it is important to know that there are two systems of gardening — organic and non-organic.

Organic gardening is the system of gardening whereby natural materials are used to grow the plants and vegetables, while non-organic gardening make use of synthetic chemicals such as pesticides, herbicides and fertilizers.

Non-organic gardening affects the immediate environment in the following main way:

The use of Synthetic Fertilizers could be toxic to the environment and destroy marine life

These are needed to provide nutrients to the plants. It is the “food” of the plants. However, this chemical can be carried away as runoff when there is watering.

In the runoff, the fertilizer which contains toxic chemicals will cause the immediate environment to be polluted.

For instance, if the runoff gets into the streams or rivers, it could kill marine life such as fishing and other sea creature.